Dynamic Drills Day held by Monarch Defense

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Monarch Defense will be running a Dynamic Drills Day activity at Lytle Creek Firing Line. Arrive at the range at 08:00.

This fast paced event is open to all shooters with prior safe gun handling experience. It is NOT the venue for learning the basics or trying your equipment for the first time. While many of us own guns, few get to train often. Rarely do we have the chance to draw from holsters, shoot on the move, engage multiple threats, or conduct teamwork and problem solving drills alongside like minded friends. Dynamic Drills Day is an event specifically designed to offer what the “Square Range” doesn’t: Guided, safe, and challenging shooting exercises that will stretch you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Join fellow students of gunfighting, the modern martial art as we train hard and shoot fast. Test your limits of precision and speed under mild to severe stress. Push yourself to be faster, stronger, smarter and be better prepared to protect your loved ones in time of violent emergency.