Lytle Creek Firing Line Classes and Workshops

Lytle Creek Firing Line offers classes for the beginning and intermediate shooters we also offer workshops for all levels of shooting. All of the instructors are fully qualified with either National Rifle Association NRA or with other advanced training.

NRA Classes

When you complete these courses successfully you will a NRA certificate. You will learn gun safety, how to load, unload and make safe you firearms, basic shooting skills. The proper maintenance and cleaning also included.

The NRA classes are:

  • Basic handgun
  • Basic rifle
  • Basic shotgun

Lytle Creek Firing Line Beginning Classes

We offer beginning classes to our customers that would like a full day of personal education.

We are able to incorporate multiple guns into a single class. You will learn basic gun safety, proper maintenance and storing. We will also teach you basic shooting skills as well as practice, everything you learn.

We can also incorporate multiple guns as a part of this class, IE: handgun and shotgun. These classes do not receive a certificate.

Lytle Creek Firing Line Beginning Classes:

  • Basic handgun
  • Basic shotgun
  • Basic rifle

We can schedule private classes you check the calendar for upcoming dates

If you need a firearm to take a beginning or basic course, please let us know.


Lytle Creek Firing Line offers workshops for all levels of shooters. The purpose of these workshops is for people to get together and share their knowledge. These workshops will be run by a person who has a high degree of skill and training in that form of shooting.

They are open to anyone who wants to improve their skill. You’ll focus on target acquisition, breathing, marksmanship and aim( this might need to be changed).

LCFL workshops:

  • Hand gun
  • Shotgun
  • Long gun, rifle
  • AR15
  • CCW practice – this class will require prior training in pulling from a holster and a CCW.

Please check the calendar for upcoming dates for workshops.