Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, please call the range: 951-782-7438

What does it cost to shoot?

$25 for adults and $14 for youth, 13 and under, all day.

For a full list of prices and amenities, please click here visit our pricing page.

What can I shoot?

You may shoot any firearm that is legal in California, including black
powder, excluding .50 BMG Very few firearms need to be “registered”.

Are steel case rounds or bi-metal bullets allowed?

Yes, steel case and bi-metal jackets are allowed. Green tip and/or steel core
ammo are permitted under certain fire conditions. Armor piercing and tracer
rounds are never permitted.

What are the distances I can shoot?

Targets are placed at 25 ft, 50 ft, and 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, 200
yards, and 300 yards fire conditions permitting.

Do you sell targets?

Yes, Lytle Creek Firing Line sells target stands with a target printed on it.

Do you provide targets?

Lytle Creek Firing Line provides steel targets at 100 yards and further, for
customers to use, at no charge. They are a metal frame with two targets hanging down. Please don’t shoot other customers’ targets. If you have a question, please ask the
Range Safety Officer. We also sell targets and stands.

Can I bring my own target?

Yes, or you can purchase one at the range. All targets must be 24” off the
ground. We do not allow targets on the ground of any kind, due to problems with ricochet bullets.

May I shoot steel targets?

Customers may shoot steel targets at 50 yards with .22s and handguns. Long
guns may shoot steel at one 100 yards or more. We ask that all steel targets
hang from the top so the ricochet goes into the ground. This activity may be
subject to Range Safety Officer approval. We also provide a number of steel targets at 100 and 200 yards, and 300 yards when weather conditions are appropriate.

Are assault rifles permitted?

Semi-automatic center-fire rifles are welcome at Lytle Creek Firing Line.

“Pre-Ban” semi-automatic rifles are welcome at Lytle Creek Firing Line with
appropriate DOJ documentation and 10 round magazines.

May I shoot my 30 bullet magazines?

All center-fire rifles, AR and AK style firearms, are limited to 10 cartridge
magazines. Pistols must be stock, with nothing hanging below the grip.

What happens if I have a noncompliant firearm or magazine?

The Range Safety Officer will ask you for appropriate DOJ documentation, if you have it with you, you will be able to continue using it. If you do not have it with you, we will ask to take your firearm off of the line, put it in your case, and back in your vehicle. Bear in mind a copy of the documentation is supposed to accompany the firearm where ever it goes.

Can we shoot black powder?

Absolutely, black powder firearms, and cannons are welcome at Lytle Creek
Firing Line.

Can I shoot my shotgun at Lytle Creek Firing Line?

Yes, shotguns can be fired at static targets on the rifle/pistol ranges or at
thrown clay pigeons on the shotgun only area.

Can we shoot BB guns, airguns and paint ball guns at Lytle Creek Firing Line?

Yes, we treat them just like regular firearms.

What are the hours/days?

The range is open at 8:00 AM and closes at 4:00 PM. We stop shooting at 3:30 PM
The range is open everyday except New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving
Day, and Christmas Day. We sometimes close due to inclement weather and high fire
hazard, as determined by the Forest Service.

Do you sell ammo?

At the current time LCFL is not able to sell ammo due to State permitting issues.

Do you rent firearms?

We do not rent firearms of any kind.

Can we picnic?

We have a picnic area near the check in. We allow food and drinks to be
consumed at your autos but not on the firing line. Gas barbecues are also
welcome, fire conditions permitting. We cannot allow charcoal barbecues. No alcohol of any kind is permitted.

Can I bring my chair or easy up for shade?

Easy Ups and chairs should be used at the back of autos and not on the firing
line. Most of the range is covered and has shooting tables with stools.

Do you have a pistol range?

All firearms can be shot from a single station: shotgun, pistol and long
rifle. There is a shotgun range for throwing clay targets.

Is there any age limit for children?

We encourage children shooting, but it is necessary to have adult supervision. We expect parents to closely watch their children while shooting and the firearm must be appropriate for the child.

Why do you require chamber flags?

Empty Chamber Indicators are used to increase safety and to help the range ensure that all firearms are safe before you adjust your targets. They also speed up the “Cease-Fire” period, giving you more time for shooting.

Do you have private ranges?

LCFL has facilities for fifty or more. We will make every attempt to keep parties of less than fifty seated together. Please check groups and fundraisers.

Please remember that Lytle Creek Firing Line has a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, if you have used either before or at the range you will be asked leave immediately with no refund.