Range Rules & Policies


It will be our pleasure to assist you if you don’t understand any of this information, please ask one of the well qualified range staff members.


  1. All adults on Lytle Creek Firing Line must complete both sides of the Waiver/Range Rule Form and pay associated fees before going to the firing line. Minors must be named on parent/guardian’s registration.
  2. Possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs, or being under their influence on this facility is prohibited. You will be asked to leave the premises immediately with no refund.
  3. Approved eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone on the range.
  4. Range speed limit is 5 MPH. Please keep music at a low-level so the range officer’s calls can be heard easily.
  5. Please back into parking space at the firing line.
  6. Do not go down range until instructed by the range officer. Obey all directions of range officers and staff.
  7. No handling of firearms, ammunition, or magazines during a “CEASE-FIRE”.
    1. At “CEASE-FIRE”, place firearms on bench with the action open, muzzle down range, and magazine removed, empty chamber flag/chamber indicator in the chamber.
      1. “CEASE-FIRE” is the command used on the range to stop all shooting/firing. When you hear this, stop shooting IMMEDIATELY and await further instruction.
      2. Empty Chamber Flag/Chamber Indicator is a small piece of brightly colored plastic that is included with all new firearms. It is designed to fit into the chamber of a firearm and stick out the ejection port to help confirm the firearm is in fact unloaded during “cease-fire”. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We have plenty and with a little bit of care they last forever.
  8. When transferring firearms to and from the vehicle to the shooting bench, please have the action open, magazines removed, and muzzle pointed up.
  9. An ADULT SHOOTER must supervise all minors, under the age of 18, while they are shooting.
    1. An ADULT SHOOTER must directly (ONE ON ONE) supervise minors, under the age of 12. Minors must be able to handle, load, and fire the firearm independently.
  10. All firearms must be California compliant. This facility is subject to random and periodic inspection by law enforcement.
    1. Appropriate documentation must accompany “Pre-Ban” modern sporting rifles.
    2. Facility policy limits center-fire rifle magazines to 10 rounds maximum capacity.
    3. Pistol magazines are limited to 10 rounds or factory original capacities.
    4. Class III permit holders must contact the range master in order to operate regulated firearms.
  11. This is a “cold range”. No loaded firearms are allowed on the range, except on the firing line.
    1. Load firearms and magazines only at the shooting benches.
    2. The action of all firearms must be open with an inserted chamber flag at all times, except when actually being fired from the line.
  12. HOLSTERED SIDE-ARMS are not allowed at Lytle Creek Firing Line, without expressed permission from the management.
  13. NO HAND-TO-HAND TRANSFER OF FIREARMS. To transfer a firearm to another shooter, open the action and place it on the bench with the muzzle pointed down range. The other shooter can then begin to use the firearm.
  14. Use of armor piercing and tracer ammunition, flairs, explosives and incendiary devices is prohibited.
    1. Use of steel core ammo is subject to restricted use. This is dependent on fire conditions and weather.
    2. ALL ROUNDS MUST hit the impact areas!
  15. Food, beverages, and smoking are not allowed on the firing line. Please use the cigarette butt cans if you smoke.
  16. Any targets other than standard paper/cardboard targets must be approved by the range master or a range officer before use. No heavy metal targets may be placed as rifle targets within 100 yards, this includes pistols firing rifle cartridges. Glass, paint, aerosol cans, and/or household items are not to be used as targets. ALL target material is to be removed when you leave.
  17. Shooting and proximity to shooting may be hazardous to pregnant women. Their participation is at their own risk and is discouraged.
  18. Please help us keep the range safe and clean by placing all brass, steel, and aluminum cases and trash in proper containers, so we can all enjoy it for many years to come! Have fun and enjoy your shooting.
  19. All firearms should be transported according to the law.
  20. Lytle Creek Firing Line reserves the right to prohibit the use of any firearms or ammunition considered to be unsafe by the range staff or the range master.
  21. Any individual considered to be demonstrating a belligerent or unsafe actions or attitude will be asked to leave the premises.
  22. Violation of these policies may subject you to suspension from the premises or action by law enforcement.