First Time To The Range

Most ranges operate in a similar manner, however each has its idiosyncrasies
usually based upon particular conditions of the facility.

Lytle Creek Firing Line encourages family usage of the range. You’re welcome
to bring up easy-ups, chairs and picnics. We sell snacks and drinks and basic shooting

Target stands with a printed bulls-eye are available when you check in. You may
bring your own targets and stands, however, please be sure that targets are 18 inches
off the ground.

When you arrive at Lytle Creek Firing Line there is a large portable office on
the left, pull all the way around to the left and park.

There are sign-in forms in front of the office as you walk up. Please read and
fill out the forms completely on both sides. The forms should be completely filled
out by everybody over 18 years old. There is a line for guardians to sign for minors.
Your group will proceed into the office and pay for your entrance and shooting supplies.
The Range is cash only. Everybody will receive wristbands and instructions for the

Please drive to the assigned range and back your vehicle in your parking spot.
The Range Safety Officer will try to meet you at your car, and answer any questions,
as well as review safety procedures and inform you of the current range status.

Lytle Creek Firing Line is a “cold range”, meaning firearms are only loaded on
the bench. We put the shooting benches on the top of the shooting tables when they
are open for shooters.   Lytle Creek Firing Line only allows firearms
and ammo to be transported to and from the vehicle while we are shooting/the range
is hot. The gun cases are to stay in your car. When you are moving a firearm to
and from a shooting table, when the range is shooting, please make sure it is pointed
up and the action is open, ammo magazine is removed. Firearms are only loaded at
the bench, and when the other shooters are shooting.

Lytle Creek Firing Line has 20 minute shooting periods, broken by 10-minute cease-fire
breaks. All firearms are inspected at the beginning of each cease-fire. Please remember
to install your empty chamber indicator. When all firearms have been cleared, the
range safety officer will send you down-range to install or remove your target.
There is no handling of firearms or ammunition at this time. When all patrons are
back behind the firing line and it is safe. Lytle Creek’s Range Safety Officers
will give the okay to start shooting.

Lytle Creek Firing Line maintains a high level of staff, patron involvement to
ensure everyone’s safety.  If at any time, you see anybody being unsafe or
breaking the rules, we strongly encourage you to tell the Range Safety Officer.

Please remember we are cash only.

Suggestions of things to bring to the range:

  • Firearms and ammo
  • Shooting Glasses and Ear Plugs
  • Firearms Cleaning supplies
  • Pad or towel for the shooting table with clamps for wind
  • Shooting bags/rest or a vice
  • Spotting scope
  • Chairs to sit on at cease-fire
  • An easy-up or an umbrella
  • Water, soft drinks and a picnic lunch
  • Gas barbecue

Getting to the range